Our Services

BMR Contracting, Inc. performs pre-construction, general contracting, construction management, design-build, and complete historical and building restoration services. Our completed building projects represent our commitment to providing and maintaining a high level of professionalism and quality workmanship.

Pre-Construction - BMR recognizes the importance of understanding and preparing a well-defined scope of work and construction schedule, based on the constructability of the project, prior to any work commencing. The value added service includes reviewing conceptual and final construction documents, preparing accurate and flexible estimates, developing the project schedule, analyzing building systems, suggesting alternative designs and identifying material options. The input from the team members is credible based on proven experience especially that gained through site exposure and field management. BMR is also able to adapt to a “Fast Track” construction schedule when the project demands that approach.

General Contracting – BMR provides general contracting services to clients where the work must be performed and completed using the traditional contracting method. We only work with pre-qualified subcontractors and skilled tradesmen able to perform the work according to the plans and specifications. When the scope of work includes masonry, BMR self-performs that work using our own competent and trained craftsmen.

That insures our ability to adhere to the project schedule and to deliver a quality product.

Under the general contracting method, BMR is solely responsible for all elements of the project.

Construction Management - The Construction Management delivery method is extremely effective and flexible when the scope, schedule, and budget is not finally determined, accelerated, or changed due to design, time, and financial criteria and changes. In the construction management role, BMR Contracting binds itself to the owner and applies the proper management tools to the construction process to achieve time and cost control.

BMR establishes the procedures for award of all contracts to design professionals, subcontractors, vendors, and off-site fabricators. Upon establishing the contractual relationships, the BMR construction management team (CM) controls the prime contractor and/or all subcontractors, vendors, and off-site fabricators and utilizes the project schedule maintain the progress of the work in a timely and cost effective manner.

Design/Build - The design/build approach is an effective and cost efficient method to build a project. That approach promotes a team environment among the designer/builder/owner with BMR taking the clear and single source responsibility to provide a simplistic arraignment with the owner. BMR will work directly with the Owner, as its single point of contact, to manage the construction process efficiently and economically.

Historical Masonry Restoration - BMR Contracting has developed an outstanding reputation in performing masonry and historical building restoration projects. All the work is completed by BMR employees. Our masonry craftsmen are among the best in the industry and have performed many tasks including cutting and pointing, stone carving, brick and stone replicating, and general masonry repairing and cleaning.